My namScott.Encee is Scott.  I’m an HR Professional from Salt Lake City, UT.  I’m just a guy living a wonderful life with an awesome wife and 4 great kids.

In the course of my 10+ years in HR here in Salt Lake, I have worked in various industries – SAAS & technology, online retail, manufacturing and consumer goods.  Along the way I have been fortunate enough to associate with many different leaders, at all levels in the organization; I have learned a great deal about leadership.

I am passionate about leadership.  Not only the theory of leadership, but also the simple, practical application to the workplace in a way that provides meaningful growth and development for a leader I work with.

Leadership is about people – successfully working with people, associating with people, collaborating with people, and understanding those people in a meaningful, individual way.  This is the heart of leadership – and can provide the greatest opportunity for a new or ’emerging’ leader to enhance his/her capabilities.  This is my purpose for the content on this blog.

So whether you want to demonstrate more leadership at work (and perhaps be promoted into a formal ‘people management’ role), or have recently been given some leadership responsibility, or even if you’re been doing it a while but you would like to refine your own leadership and perhaps train others in the process, I welcome you!

I invite you to read and share the content here, and let me know if there is a particular leadership topic you would like to know more about!  I promise to share information and tools that will breakdown leadership into simple pieces that apply to real life in the workplace.  (But remember, simple is not the same as easy…!)


Scott Ence

HR & Leadership Professional

E-mail:  realsimpleleadership@gmail.com

Twitter:  @realsimplelead