Building High Performance

<originally written in July 2015>

The HR field is abuzz over Performance Management it seems.  Even at the 2015 National SHRM conference in Las Vegas, many speakers and sessions were littered with such topics as “killing performance ratings” or “new and improved performance management” and other similar topics.

Well, I’m excited to be working at a place where we are already making some of those significant changes.  We aren’t just modifying or simplifying “Performance Management”.  We aren’t just changing our rating scale or forcing the organization to go through a tedious process that doesn’t add value.

We are building something.

What are we building, you ask?

Well, we are building High Performance.  Results that benefit the employee and the company, delivered in a way consistent with our values.

building high performance - IC

New inContact office (now fully complete), under construction in July 2015

We will do this by adhering to four basic principles of high performance (formulated by our 16 employee “Performance Management Council”):

  • Direction – Leaders at all levels understand our company strategy and vision, and where they fit in. Each leader helps his/her employees – through individual discussion & clarification – to understand how they align to overall company goals & initiatives.
  • Coaching – Leaders give accurate, real-time feedback on where an employee is succeeding or falling short. But more importantly, they discuss what the focus, actions, and priorities should be moving forward.  A future-focused conversation is better for everyone involved.  We all work together to move forward.
  • Development – Leaders understand where a person’s career is headed. They talk about it often with each employee, they create experiences that will help build a person’s skills and abilities.  Future leaders are developed in the organization.
  • Recognition – We align our rewards systems with our desired results. Ensure that our rewards and recognitions are re-enforcing high performance.

We will build systems, processes, and structures that support these principles – as we drive together towards high performance.

Annual reviews?  No more.

Rating scales?  Nope.

Instead, we move to a more frequent cadence of one on ones, and quarterly check points to document conversations and track/record progress.

We are excited that these changes and simplifications can benefit the company to achieve our most important strategic priorities!

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